Indie Standouts at PAX East

If you didn’t notice, PAX East gave a few special indie developers areas to show off their games, and show em off they did. I was amazed by the crowds surrounding GAMBIT’s booth, Fire Hose Game’s “Slam Bolt Scrappers“, Dejobaan’s “AAAAAAAAAA“, and Macguffin Games “All Heroes Die“.

Scott Macmillan has been working hard on All Heroes Die for as long as I’ve known him, so I was super excited to see him showing off the playable demo at PAX East. The artwork is superb, the concept is awesome – you control multiple generations of heroes and progressing through the game pulls you through their family tree – and Scott is an overall great guy. Check out the game here and buy it now: http://macguffingames.com/all-heroes-die/.  His business model is pretty interesting as well:  Sell the Beta for cheap, build a community of “testers”, factor their suggestions into the title, and sell the final copy for $20-30 – luckily for early adopters, they only have to pay the original $5 beta price.

As for Dejobaan, just get the game.

And you’ll have to wait for Slam Bolt Scrappers, but expect Fire Hose Studios to explode onto the scene sometime soon.


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