Interesting Marketing Analytic Tools Courtesy of Gama

If only...

Hey sportsfans,

I know it’s been a while, but I’m back and ready to educate!

I’ve been spending a lot of time doing marketing at Fire Hose Games and wanted to bring your attention to these sweet new tools I discovered in a Gamasutra article that you can check out for yourself here.

First up is KnowEm? This bad boy scours the web for popular sites to see where your preferred username is available and where it is not.  While that’s fun and all, its secret purpose is to allow you to see where your competition’s preferred usernames are active.  Once you’ve pinned that down, sign up for the sites yourself and see what the competition is up to, how long they’ve been there, how active they are, etc.  KnowEm? really only hits the (albeit many) top sites, but it’s an awesome jumpstarter for a competitive marketing campaign.

The second magical tool is SocialMention*.  Simply type in a phrase (aka your company name, your game name, or your competitors’ company and game names) and it shows you where that phrase has been mentioned on the web.  Comparing Fire Hose Games’ results to Dejobaan’s was pretty interesting.  You can immediately see where chatter about your competitors is taking place, helping you determine where you need to be more active.  This gives you top keywords, top users, top hastags, and ranked sources.  There’s also a weird “sentiment” ranking system that doesn’t seem to work, but has potential.

So, check em out!  Hope these tools help you all on your legendary quests to vanquish the notoriously tricky video game press monster.


One thought on “Interesting Marketing Analytic Tools Courtesy of Gama

  1. WOW! Socialmention* is really nice! Though I think it’s also important to think about who’s doing the mentioning if you’re a big name or are virally popular. Targeting the right people for social media campaigns is pretty important… I think that’s one of the big things to think about when implementing social media marketing.

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