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XCOM: Enemy Unknown video puts Lead Designer, Jake Solomon, undercover to sell the game to patrons of a local games shop

This clever video has been making the rounds on Twitter over the last week, so needless to say it’s definitely worth checking out.  Jake Solomon (@SolomonJake), the Lead Designer of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, lets the cameras roll as he goes incognito to pitch the game to customers at a local game store.  The results are quite funny and everyone I’ve shown the video to thinks the whole premise is very cute.

Will the popularity of this video lead to more developers to making similar, incognito videos to promote their games?  Overall, I’m very curious about the time invested in this movie, since that’s usually the main barrier to making any video.  None of this looks scripted or big budget, so it could have been as simple as Jake grabbing a single friend to film him as he wandered around the store pitching his game to gamers.  That seems pretty unlikely, though, given how the AAA games industry traditionally lets their PR team call the shots.

Regardless of how this whole shoot went, you can’t really argue with the overall quality of the video. Its humor is spot on, it introduces one of XCOM’s devs to gamers, and the whole video has a high value in terms of entertainment.   The video has racked up 126K views since premiering on Youtube on October 3rd, so I suspect the team sees this stunt as worthwhile if it really was as low cost as it appears.



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